Fleet Management SoftwareTeletrac Navman DIRECTOR™ - Designed to Simplify Fleet Management Teletrac Navman has provided an excellent solution to track our vehicles. We have just scratched the surface with the amount of features that Telectrac Navman provides. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, the multi award winning fleet management software, gives fleet owners full visibility into fleet performance and mobile resource activity. DIRECTOR is the fleet management software driving efficiency for more than 40,000 businesses worldwide, helping its customers manage over 500,000 assets. Monitor your fleet of vehicles from anywhere on the planet in real-time, including location tracking, fuel usage and maintenance records. Verify mobile workforce activities easily from the office or on the go.Vehicle Mapping - Instantly track vehicles and equipment Effective Communication - Quick, reliable and audit able Connected Workflow - Automate compliance and dispatching. DIRECTOR is the fleet management software and GPS tracking solution from Teletrac Navman that drives efficiency for over 40,000 businesses worldwide.


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